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Investing in Opportunity  

If you have a capital gain liability we can help

Park View OZ REIT

Park View OZ REIT is a qualified opportunity zone fund (QOF). The proceeds of this offering will be invested in opportunity zone properties throughout the U.S. Our structure is highly advantageous for long-term investors with capital gains. It allows all investors the potential to compound growth in a highly tax efficient investment.

Learn more about Park View OZ REIT from our offering circular, investor brief and slide presentation.

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How Collectors of Art can Benefit from QOFs

CPA Journal March 2019

Michael Kelley co-authors this article describing how changes in the tax law have taken away "like kind exchanges" for those with capital gains in collectibles (art, precious metals etc.) but it has also given collectors a powerful new tool in the form of Qualified Opportunity Funds

Preserving Generational Wealth

CPA Journal January 2020

Michael Kelley co-authors this article. Irrevocable grantor trusts (IGTs) have long been used to pass down appreciating assets, such as family businesses or real estate, through generations. IGTs' flaw are that it can make capital gains tax worse. Qualified Opportunity Funds can eliminate these capital gains. It is a powerful pairing.

CPA Academy Webinar March 2020

Park View Investments hosted a very successful opportunity zone webinar through the CPA Academy. We had over a thousand participants from the CPA, wealth management, and legal communities. The webinar discusses the recently finalized OZ regulations and many creative ways QOFs can be used to create tax efficient results.

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